We can become an everyday hero through small but meaningful acts of selfless kindness. By seeing the good in those around us and taking the time to thank people for their service, help people when they need it, and share a smile with those we meet along the way. Being an everyday hero is a lifestyle. A decision to make others happy and always be helpful. Everyone can be a hero.



Nate knew exactly who he was and there was no one or thing that was going to change what he valued.  The morning of the accident his seminary teacher asked the class to write down five things that would define their legacy if they left the earth today. The last things Nate ever wrote while in this mortal probation are our core values:

  • Hard Working
  • Faithful
  • Patriotic
  • Loyal
  • Trustworthy

Nate inspired goodness with his kindhearted attitude, infectious smile, genuine love for people, and his desire to serve. He served quietly and selflessly making a difference in the lives of those he knew with small and genuine acts of kindness. It is these and many other qualities that have inspired the Mothers of Everyday Heroes, like Nate Ford, to make a difference in their own communities through meaningful and compassionate service.


Our mission is to continue the legacy of Nate Ford who inspired people of all ages, genders, races, and creeds to realize the joy and happiness that comes from serving others and doing it with a smile.