Our Partners

We understand the value of developing strong partnerships with key organizations and creating win-win synergies to help drive the success of both organizations. We choose our partners carefully to ensure our core values are aligned and we share a common mission of serving others. We encourage our supporters to get to know our partners.

Families First CDC
While endeavoring to keep the family unit together by offering programs that  create a stable home and community for upcoming generations, the Families First Community Development Corporation (FFCDC) consistently research and support opportunities that lay seeds of positive change toward the continuous campaign to save our families.   Each program offered by FFCDC  is designed to facilitate a strategy from which participants can rebuild and reposition the family unit so that there is be hope for the future parents of tomorrow and their families. We envision a community unwavering in its efforts to sustain a healthy, positive home environment for the children of today who will become parents of tomorrow. FFCDC is committed to cultural family diversity by the installation of policies that embrace all ethnicities and races in the delivery of our program and services. We  work as a seamless collective body to ensure that differences are recognized and celebrated rather than being tolerated. With regards to those individuals who lack resources needed to maintain a positive home environment for their families, FFCDC  work tirelessly to develop and move forward comprehensive approaches that effectively respond to the major social issues identified in the city of Maricopa, the city of Phoenix, and the greater East Valley community.